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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Koundara dancing kids

These are the kids that live right around the mission house in Koundara. They love cameras!They are a mixture of Peuhl and Konyagui. They spoke very little if any French. I tried to organize a game of "Red Rover" but underestimated their competitive drive. On one run, a larger boy took out a smaller one, slammed him chest down onto the ground. I thought I was at an American football practice or something. Yeah, that kinda put a damper on things. I told the bigger kids to aim for the bigger kids. I then handed out some animal crackers (thanks Mom) and called it a day. Maybe my next attempt at playing a game will be less violent:)


Ken Loyd said...

Hi Daniel and Stephanie. These kids look like any typical VBS recreation time! Sometimes you don't even need a common language to communicate, do you?

Amanda said...

Thanks for the comment Stephanie! I enjoy watching your videos and getting updates from Preacher Tony and Jan, but you're right - somehow I'm not on your newsletter list. Could you please add me? My email is Thank you. We are always praying for you guys and we miss you terribly!