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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Into Youkounkoun!

Now here we are in one of the many small villages in the Youkounkoun area, about 1 hour away from Koundara. This is one of the many trades the Konyagui have. Here the guy on the left is beating the metal, trying to make plow parts (we think). The kid on the right is taking his turn at working the "pumps" to blow air into the coals which heat the metal. The "pumps" are made from goat skin. This trade is very valuable since they use oxen and metal hand plows to disc up their land in preparation for planting season. It would be interesting to know how they teach this trade, from chosing the "apprentice" to the actual teaching. I have a hunch that the little "blower boy" is probably climbing his way from "padawan" to "blacksmith jedi" little by little. (written by Daniel, of course)

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