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Friday, October 10, 2008

Micah riding with Daddy on motorcycle

For all you mothers out there...feel free to freak out with me! Micah loves to ride with Daniel on the moto, but I just can't help but fret every time he gets on.

Just Some Pics of Us

Here is almost one-year old Elijah with our host family's kid, Hadja. Her real name is Rama, but they call her Hadja sometimes. Hadja is the name given to Muslim ladies who have been to Mecca. And Elij is the name given to men who have been to Mecca. So...these 2 kiddos are worldwide travelers! HA!

I look so old here! Aghhh! Gonna be 30 in January! Scary! Elijah is adorable though, isn't he? He's giving his "Hey Baby!" look. This was taken right after we attended the Ramadan group prayer on the hilltop. It was a little hike! It just reminded us of how lost these people really are. Pray for the Guineans!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Daniel's Trip to a Converted Muslim Conference in Kindia

Daniel recently attended a conference for Christians who converted from Islam. What a blessing! It was hard on me...being at home by myself with the 2 boys for almost a week, but it was worth it. Daniel got to meet a lot of neat Christians from all around Guinea. These men and women are mostly from the forest region of Guinea, down south, who are dispersing all across Guinea to spread the Gospel. Daniel had the privilege of getting to know the speaker of the conference, Pastor Belo, who used to be a muslim, but sought out believers to find the truth out about Jesus Christ. He had a very powerful testimony! Here are some pictures of a waterfall Daniel saw from a distance, and a baptism he attended.

This is a palm tree full of bird nests! Daniel thought they were coconuts at first until he remembered that coconuts don't grow on the branches!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trip to Indochine Restaurant

We're in Conakry this week taking a "mini vacation". Here is the menu from one of our now favorite restaurants in the capital city...Indochine. Instead our "Our Suggestions", the menu read "Our Subjections". This was only one of the many translation "faux pas" in their menu:)