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Friday, October 10, 2008

Just Some Pics of Us

Here is almost one-year old Elijah with our host family's kid, Hadja. Her real name is Rama, but they call her Hadja sometimes. Hadja is the name given to Muslim ladies who have been to Mecca. And Elij is the name given to men who have been to Mecca. So...these 2 kiddos are worldwide travelers! HA!

I look so old here! Aghhh! Gonna be 30 in January! Scary! Elijah is adorable though, isn't he? He's giving his "Hey Baby!" look. This was taken right after we attended the Ramadan group prayer on the hilltop. It was a little hike! It just reminded us of how lost these people really are. Pray for the Guineans!

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