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Monday, December 31, 2007

Surprise! Merry Christmas!

Well...we pulled it off! We surprised my (Stephanie) parents for Christmas. We'd been thinking about it for awhile, but didn't know if it could happen since we fly "stand by". We checked in our luggage around 9 am on the 24th and were told that a flight the night before was cancelled and that 40 extra people were trying to get on our flight. So, we weren't very optimistic about our chances of getting on this flight. After checking in, we returned to Daniel's house and I called my parents. I "fibbed" saying that we were trying to surprise them, but the flight was too full. This left my mom pretty sad and upset. Well...we returned to the airport and the plane started boarding around 12:30 pm. Surprised and delighted....we were called up and given tickets. Unfortunately...I was by myself with Elijah somewhere in the middle and Micah and Daniel were in the back. Halfway through the flight though we were able to switch and sit together. Elijah didn't like flying too much, but Micah did fine.

We arrived in Raleigh, NC and rented 2 small cars (which was cheaper than 1 SUV) to fit all of our luggage. We surprised my Grandma first about 1 am. She met us at the door crying! Then Christmas morning...we sent Micah in to wake everyone up by jumping on the bed. Daniel filmed the whole event! What a wonderful Christmas present! Isn't God good?!

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