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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Big Brother Micah

We are so proud of Micah! He's a great big brother! He's not jealous of little Elijah at all. He loves to help change his diaper, give him a bath, and kiss him whenever he gets a chance. He repeatedly asks, "Why does baby 'Lijah' like to eat all the time? Why does he poop so much? Why is sleeping again?" We recently picked up Elijah's Brasilian passport and Micah said, "Ok, no he can get on the plane with us to fly back to NC because he has his passport now! Let's go!" Unfortunately a toddler has no concept of time, so telling him we have to wait until after Christmas was no consolation. We are so thankful for our "big brother" Micah. He is constantly encouraging us all: "Mom, you're a great feeder! Elijah, you're a great eater! Dad, you're a great soccer player!" I wish we could take credit for teaching him this, but I think we owe it to the "Little Einsteins" cartoon he loves to watch so much. I hope these 2 guys will be best friends as they grow up together in Africa!

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