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Friday, September 14, 2007

Micah and Cousin Sam

Greetings from Brasil! What a change in weather. Just to make all you back in NC jealous...we're waking up to 60 degrees and enjoying 75 degrees during the day. Hopefully NC will be cooling down soon. It's been fun to catch up with Daniel's sister, Andrea and see meet her little guy, Samuel. We couldn't be happier with the way he and Micah are getting along! They're having so much fun together. This experience will be great for Micah. He's learning how to share, help, and even keep Sam out of trouble. And believe me, Sam can find trouble!!!

We appreciate all your prayers for our journey. We had a smooth flight! Even though Micah talks about returning to NC everday and working with Grandpa, I think he's having fun here. Today he watched the "diggers" break up the road right in front of the garage to fix a broken pipe. Unfortunately the city didn't warn anybody and we washed/soiled a load of white clothes because the water turned muddy during the load. Oh well....there's clorox!
Please continue to pray for Andrea (Daniel's sister) and me (Stef.) as our due dates get closer and closer. Andrea's doctor doesn't think she'll make it until the end of the month, even though she's not due until mid-October. Her husband is in Africa and will return Sept.28th. Pray he'll make it for the birth! I (Stef.) will be looking for a doctor next week and visiting the hospitals in the area. Pray God provides a doctor with good social skills! :)

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